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Basic Info[]

The monk is the silent warrior of martial arts. With his hands alone, he is able to harm his enemies using ancient techniques of fighting known only to his order. Very few weapons, however, are made specifically for monks in order for them to fight creatures of a magical nature. To regain his strength, a monk may enter a meditative trance while fighting. A monk may also concentrate to focus his mental energy on his opponent. This makes him hit his targets easier. At higher levels, his power is such that he may touch his enemy, sending mystic vibrations throughout his target's body. This can severely damage and even fatally wound his opponent. The monks of Derlith owe allegiance to no one, wandering the land with the soul purpose of seeking enlightenment.

Armor type: Cloth

Restrictions: Monk armor

Summary of Skills: Focus, Kick, Meditate, Touch of Death

Benefits from Stats[]

Suggested prime requisites are in magenta.

  • Strength: Since monks are completely dependent on their fighting skills, this should be where most of your points are distributed. More STR, the higher blows you'll hit for.
  • Constitution: Along with strength, CON is another important stat for monks.  CON should be the next choice of point distribution.
  • Dexterity: Skills such as dodge are based on DEX. Your damage is also effected by DEX. If you plan to avoid damage, DEX should be the next choice of point distribution.
  • Piety & Intelligence: Monks don't get many mp so it is suggested to not put points here.

Playable Races[]

  • Suggested = ^
  • Natural Infravision = ^

BarbarianCambion^Dark-Elf^, Dwarf^^Elf^GnomeGoblin^^Half-ElfHalf-Giant^Half-Orc^HalflingHuman^Kataran^Kobold^MinotaurOgre^Orc^^SeraphTiefling^Troll^^

Training Locations[]

  • Levels 1-7
    • There should be a perm that sells keys in order to access your leveling room. To list which keys the perm is selling, use the "list <perm>" syntax. To buy the proper key for your training room, you may "buy <key> <perm>".
    • Highport: You will have to seek out Master Wang's training dojo. Directions from Highport Clinic: e, s (x4), w (x5), n (x2).
    • Sigil: Seek out the dojo compound between Sigil and Niamei.
    • Oakspire: Look for the Black Dojo on the Morkalveth Platform.
    • Gnomebarrow: Look for the small dojo on the northwest side of town.
    • Ruhrdan: Search for the Order of the Fist in the fairgrounds in the south side of the city.
    • Caladon: Look in the Press district on Brand Way.
  • Levels 8-13
    • Seek out the dojo compound between Sigil and Niamei. You will need to kill perms in order to level.
    • Oakspire: Look for the Black Dojo on the Morkalveth Platform.
  • Levels 13+
    • Seek out the dojo in Sigil.