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Ore Types[]

There are currently 16 different types of ore to be gathered in the land of Derlith. Each type of ore can be smelted into ingots based on a variety of blacksmithing recipes available.

Ore is currently gathered by defeating creatures within underground and mine areas (ie, the Durgas Falls Mines or Firedrake Goblin Caves).

The following table lists each ore in order of general rarity:

Number Ore
1 Copper
2 Tin
3 Nickel
4 Chromium
5 Iron
6 Silver
7 Gold
8 Shadow Iron
9 Meteoric Iron
10 Adamantium
11 Mithril
12 Orichalcum
13 Scarletite
14* Infernite
14* Celestite
  • Note - Infernite and Celestite require the same skill.