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Stat which healing is based off of:

  • Clerics, deathknights, and paladins: Piety
  • Druid: Higher number between intelligence and constitution
  • Vampire, ranger, mage, and bard: Higher number between intelligence and piety
  • All other classes: Constitution

Ranking of healers (best first, same # = ties)[]

-- Improve based on level --[]

  1. Ceris Cleric
  2. Enoch and Aramon Clerics
  3. Gradius and Kamira Clerics
  4. Enoch and Gradius Paladins
  5. Ares Cleric and Deathknight
  6. Druid

-- No improvement based on level --[]

  1. Monk, ranger, bard, vampire
  2. Mage, thief, assassin, rogue, fighter, werewolf
  3. Berserker (can only heal off scrolls, which gives penalty)
  4. Lich (can't heal)