Rohonline Wiki

These are just some simple tips to help make exploring easier and more fruitful.

  • Always bring a word of recall potion! (Hazy, Grey, Smokey) You never know when you're going to have to get the hell out of a dangerous situation.
  • Read the descriptions: Descriptions can help you find hidden exits and learn more about the place, search won't always find exits (some hidden exits are highly camouflaged). An early and more obvious example of this is Bobby blaze's room in highport. It's hidden behind a curtain exit which is highlighted a brighter white in the description. Description exits aren't always highlighted like this though.
  • Search often!
  • Hide/sneak: These skills aren't going to raise themselves! It may be a hassle at first but the more you use hide/sneak the more successful they will be. If you have the camouflage spell it'll make hiding and sneaking outdoors a lot easier.
  • Go invisible: If you have the spell you might as well cast it on yourself, be aware that some mobs/perms have detect-invis and will still be able to attack you.
  • Detect-invis: Not all exits/monsters are visible to the naked eye. It helps to have detect-invis on at all times.
  • Fly: Some exits are fly only, so won't show up if you don't have the fly spell on you.
  • Levitate: Derlith is full of lots of traps, some of the more dangerous ones are pits, levitate helps you avoid falling into dangerous pits. Though sometimes you want to explore them for their secrets.
  • Prepare: This command (abbr. prep) prepares you for traps that may be in the next room. Obviously prepping before each room is a little much, but sometimes a description might warn you about a possible trap, or if you feel like you're in a dangerous place it helps a lot. Later when you're used to areas you'll remember to prep before certain rooms (like a mana trap room at the entrance to drax's cave).
  • If available, use track: There are some areas that count as mazes in the world. Sometimes the only way of really finding out which way to go is to find tracks.
  • Take notes: Memory is a fragile thing, writing down hidden exits or paths through a maze you figured out goes a long way.