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Sex: Male

Tenets: Righteousness, Destructions of evil, Law, Order,

        Enochian Supremacy

God of: paladins, martial righteousness, the truth, justice

Worshipped by: paladins

Primary race(s): Humans, Seraphim


Sex: Female

Tenets: Forgiveness, Love, Pacifism, Earth

Goddess of: healing, fertitlity, compassion, fertility

Worshipped by: some druids, farmers, healers, midwives

Primary race(s): Humans, Half-Elves


Sex: Male

Tenets: Knowledge, Warfare, Defense of the Forest, Slaying Undead

God of: the sword dance, daytime forests, elven magic, just causes

Worshipped by: rangers, scholars, forest dwellers and travelers,

               undead slayers

Primary race(s): Elves, Half-Elves


Sex: Female

Tenets: Love, Elven Custom, Hunting

Goddess of: the moon, night time forest, bow use, the hunt,

            healing, elven celebration, elven fertility

Worshipped by: rangers, hunters, bowyers, archers, healers

Primary race(s): Elves, Half-Elves


Sex: Male

Tenets: Battle, Dwarven Custom, Honor, Law, Order, Creation

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God of: earth, mining, metallurgy, dwarven warfare,

        dwarven building

Worshipped by: miners, armorers, weaponsmiths, warriors

Primary race(s): Dwarves


Sex: Male

Tenets: Discovery, Creation, Wealth, Gnomish Custom

God of: tinkering, invention, gold, merchants

Worshipped by: inventors, sculptors, merchants, bankers, jewelers

Primary race(s): Gnomes, Halflings


Sex: Female

Tenets: Luck, Celebration, Adventure

Goddess of: thieves, fine dining, pleasures, halfling healing

Worshipped by: thieves, rogues, explorers, gamblers, wine-makers

Primary race(s): Halflings, Humans


Sex: Male

Tenets: Warfare, Battle, Barbarian Custom, Honor

God of: war, bloodlust, killing, conquest, freedom

Worshipped by: berserkers, soldiers

Primary race(s): Barbarians, Humans, Half-Orcs


Sex: Male

Tenets: Strife, Drow Supremacy, Chaos, Warfare

God of: spiders, Drow magic, Drow warfare, poison, death

Worshipped by: assassins, necromancers, spider-lovers

Primary race(s): Dark-Elves


Sex: Male

Tenets: Strife, Chaos, Destruction of Good

God of: deceit, the void, disease, death, ambiguity, death knights,

                Aramonian supremacy

Worshipped by: swindlers, murderers, necromancers, assassins,

               death knights

Primary race(s): Humans, Cambions