Ceris is Derlith's goddess of healing, fertility, and compassion. She seeks to prevent death, violence, and war however possible. Her clerics are often renown as the best healers and disease curers in the entire world. It is even said that some of the more powerful Ceris clerics are able to raise back people from the dead! As Ceris clerics are pacifists, they abhor combat. As such, they are not very good with weapons, and are only able to use blunt and pole class weapons. Clerics of Ceris openly despise any kind of violence or evil. As such, they stand in the way of followers of Ares and Aramon whenever possible. Ceris' followers try to stay clear of priests of Enoch, as those priests recently have been on a crusade to subjugate followers of Ceris using "righteous violence".

  • Abilities: pray, teach, turn, healing spell bonus
  • Restrictions:
    • Light armor only.
    • Pole and blunt weapons only.
    • Must not go to extreme good or evil alignment.
  • Races: HumanHalf-Elf
  • Special: Rejuvenate spell, Resurrect spell

Training Locations Edit

  • Level 1+
    • Highport: Church of Ceris
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