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The world of Derlith does not have a week system, therefore there are no names for specific days. Days are simply referred to by their number and what month they belong to. The Derilian year is 530 days long, with most months having either 35 or 36 days and the last day of the month having only 31 days.

In notation, FKB refers to the Fall of the Kingdom of Bordia, the new marker of time shared by most races in Derlith. This marks the number of years that have passed since Bordia fell. CME stands for the Common Modern Era which directly precedes FKB. 566 CME and 1 FKB are the same year.


  • Thor'vel
  • Navatna
  • Nortaran
  • Isondel
  • Moitra
  • Jenethel
  • Sejna
  • Maiverna
  • Hev'nar
  • Haiatrian
  • Kel Tieln
  • Yanyezn
  • Kel Isoch
  • Nydiannor
  • Kalidas